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Antique Delph Jewellery.....Vitamin Bead's story

Vitamin Bead’s Antique Delph Story…. In our store we have a new range of our beautiful dramatic blue and white Delph pendants, rings and earrings. Here’s the story behind these unique handcrafted pieces….. 14 Years ago, our small family ventured on our sailing boat from Darwin to West Timor we where landed in Kupang. Keen to get off the boat and onto dry land, we launched the dinghy and made our way through the light surf onto the pebbly beach where we spied pieces of Blue and white porcelain rolling amongst the pebbles. Our kids collected up some pieces and the locals noticing our interest in the blue and white shards began to arrive on the waterfront with collections of...

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Shot of the day...

Hullo from hot steamy Bangkok! Wandering through the heat I came across these unbelievable leaves, I just have to share them here. Beauty in amongst the heat...though I heard winter has hit at home.  I'm having to concentrate on the task at hand as we have a new homewares shipment unpacking as I type....excited about getting that out to show you!

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Zebart Australian designed and made clothing now in store!

How do you feel this spring? How’s your wardrobe? Do you feel like a new look?  We want you to look and feel great! Let us help you! We had our lovely model in last week to dress up and help us with lots of inspiration.  Have some comments about our photography? we’d love to hear any feed back on which photos are your favourite, backgrounds, angles and of course which outfits you LOVE the most! Share with your friends, sisters, mothers and Grandmothers. We pride ourselves on having a fantastic range for many different age groups and many different sizes- as we’re ALL different!

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