Bangkok Shopping Trip with Vivian

Hi Ade,

My first trip to Bangkok and I couldn't have asked for a better friend and guide to do it with than you.

So much to see and do! Where do I even start? So glad you took the lead and paced the trip with a variety of shopping malls, the surrounding areas and wholesalers located in the different districts over a period of time.

Shopping galore! I loved the shopping expeditions and I couldn't get enough and practically wanted to buy everything in sight. Thank goodness my common sense prevailed (with my baggage allowance in mind) and I managed to secure great bargains when shopping with you.

It was a lot of walking but you made it so much fun with our tea/coffee/ lunch break which gave me time out to recover (not just my feet but my eyes needed a rest too 😂) I couldn't believe how we covered all the surrounding areas on foot and there was always loads of fun and laughter along the way. Like how we just ended up chatting with random people sitting next to us at cafes and restaurants. I loved the way you knew exactly what to eat and where to go for the best food.

Most memorable was crazy busy Khao San Road , vibrant and full of food with the exotic fares, street food, market stalls and party atmosphere with pubs, bars, backpacker hostels and tourists. Of course the little adventure of going off the beaten path and experiencing a river boat ride in the evening made my day!

My favourite though was the Chatuchak weekend market. The crowds, the vibe, the food and the shops with amazing great buys at this wholesale indoor/outdoor market. I loved the leisurely shopping and taking time out to enjoy the music with a cold drink in hand and simply people-watch.

Definitely an epic shopping trip, Thank you Adrienne for an amazing time!


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