Antique Delph Jewellery.....Vitamin Bead's story

Vitamin Bead’s Antique Delph Story…. In our store we have a new range of our beautiful dramatic blue and white Delph pendants, rings and earrings. Here’s the story behind these unique handcrafted pieces….. 14 Years ago, our small family ventured on our sailing boat from Darwin to West Timor we where landed in Kupang. Keen to get off the boat and onto dry land, we launched the dinghy and made our way through the light surf onto the pebbly beach where we spied pieces of Blue and white porcelain rolling amongst the pebbles. Our kids collected up some pieces and the locals noticing our interest in the blue and white shards began to arrive on the waterfront with collections of old Delph plates, cracked and dusty after years of hiding under couches. Indonesia was colonised by Holland from around the 1820’s and was known then as the “Dutch East Indies.” these plates had been bought by the Dutch colonists with them from Holland. Over a period of time we bartered and haggled for a few of these plates and as we moved further west of Indonesia began to trace out around the patterns in the old cracked Blue and white Delph plates, had them carefully cut out and then painstakingly set with sterling silver to make our creations. Today we occasionally come across some old plates which are usually cracked and chipped, but luckily we can turn them into our beautiful and unique Antique Delph jewellery creations.

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