Silky Spring

This year we are lucky enough to have had my charismatic husband wander the world and arrange our buying.
Six months ago, Uli packed his bags and was off on a month long journey which would take him over 21,000 kms and span 2 continents.
After  Northern Thailand where we have lovely tailors we work directly with to create our winter range, Uli crossed the seas and landed in Delhi to attend a trade event which had great things BUT! require massive minimum amounts which we are not interested in.
So on the plane to Jaipur he went. 
Catching an early flight after a slightly stressful time of getting stuck in the elevator- there he was in Jaipur- freezing and creating our summer range!
Uli has a great way with creating a really nice relationship with our suppliers. Jemmy our new Indian supplier showed him through a fantastic range of colourful silks and cottons which we are now putting in store.
Its a Silky Spring!!!

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