Project Hunter

2 weeks ago we awoke to a brilliant day, fine and calm- before the storm.
Gazing out across the water towards Newcastle, my periphery vision noted the houses nestled safely in the morning sun. Silent  majestic and comfortable
Later that evening, getting ready for a big weekend in Sydney, the sun had long gone down and what I thought was a party beginning along with firecrackers begun outside on the street. " wow some party that's going to be" I thought as I put a few finishing touches to a couple of things. 
Within a couple of minutes the noise increased "Holy mackerel" I thought and jumped up to see what the mayhem was all about. 
What it was about was 3-4 foot flames jumping on the deck of Paula and Toby Hunter's house, the firecracker sound was the popping of the timber being eaten up by the flames taking hold and burning stronger, brighter......
Grab the phone! Dial 000 -"FIRE 15 The Esplanade....come quick"
Downstairs to grab any hose we could get hands on, stumbled a bit when we couldn't find hose fittings to join the hoses. Fighting fire with a garden hose......get the dogs out all people were gone. "Where's the fire engines......?"
20 minutes after the first signs of fire, flames were leaping above the roof line and the house was going- fast. 
Onto the deck of the next door neighbour, try to save their house. Large size gas cylinder- venting- "lets get out of here...." Heat was intense, the windows blew in.
Here come the fire trucks.

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