It's a good day to make soap..

It's a good day to make soap...


Sitting around Gerhards table over breakfast & he's deciding whether to pour concrete or make soap....
Hmm 80 % chance of rain and he thinks he'll make soap.
Down the hill he gets fresh pure organic goats milk which he stirs nicely into his secret recipe which his missus has developed over the last 15 years.
Walking into his workshop we are surrounded by the amazing scents of patchouli, lavender, rose geranium ....many others  scents which you will discover when you come into get your new favorite brand of Soap. "Haven Scent" luxe hand made soap.
Best smelling motorbike shed he he chases & swears 
at the horse which has stuck his head into the food bin & made a mess.
Australian RSPO round table of  certified sustainable Palm oil supported by the WWF which we have a discussion about what that actually means? Rainforests which have been cut down over 20 years ago?

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