Camping & creating....

Ahh camping again, summer blogging this time from a quaint wee place just south of crescent head "Delicate" - aka Delicate Nobby....where has that name arisen from- I will endeavor to ask the " contractor in the morning. So I'm with my beads again, camped under the trees, surrounded by birds, my gorgeous girls and Uli hanging in the hammock. Wind has sprung up from nowhere, and yet again- get down early in the morning to the beach- better than later. I'll pop down to the beach and grab some good shots of the terns, the sand being whipped across the top of the dunes and some hand made glass beads I've bought along for location shots.
I've been cutting lengths of leather too, black, tan and a fantastic turquiose blue- only 2 mm thick and great quality. I'll pop that in the site too.
So finally getting my head around our online shop set up. When you have so many items and everything so individual.....its a maze to put one item up. From making, to photographing, to editing and resizing, writing a quirky piece about the item, weighing, pricing.
Then, it's adding a new product, including the information, adding the picture, allocating it to the right collection, and hey presto we're done, for one item.
I've figured out its the Same amount of work if you have one of each item, or 500 of each item.
Let's call our stuff "Bespoke" then shall we- as guess what folks there is not 500 of anything- except may be meters of leather and wax linen thread.

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