Summer is here!

It's the last weekend of November and we're sitting pretty beside the river @ Knorrick Flats 35km nw of Wingham.

After returning from the bustle of Sydney yesterday with the Xmas decorations all up and Christmas frenzy in the air, it's wonderful to enjoy the bright blue skies, the calls of the wild, pink flowers falling, red dragonflies buzzing and the wind whispering through the casuarinas.
We love camping, the freedom, sitting out under starlit skies. In my camper I always have a small contingent of beads, findings, bits of silver, thread, tools which I pull out and create wonderful arrays of JEWELLERY bit by bit.
Today being the last Saturday of November and the festive season upon us, I've used my favorites, turquoise and antique Nepalese mountain coral, the classic COLOURS of the Tibetan people, using our popular wax linen thread, I've created a simple unisex range, adjustable and specifically with the LOST PARADISE festival in mind.
Having had a stall at Woodford for years, we're looking forward to breaking our festival drought. We're branching out with my teenage daughters Arlee and Bella to bring our "Hand Made with Love" found in the Lost Paradise festival 2014-15.
Watch this spot for more updates as the range unfolds....

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