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Winter Blues Beanie Weather

Today the sun shines and the wind blows in Tea Gardens, in fact the wind is constant and has a ice like feel.  So we think its perfect beanie weather,  we are going to post a few beanie ideas on facebook. Feel free to jump on line and let us know what you think.

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Shot of the day...

Hullo from hot steamy Bangkok!

Wandering through the heat I came across these unbelievable leaves, I just have to share them here. Beauty in amongst the heat...though I heard winter has hit at home. 

I'm having to concentrate on the task at hand as we have a new homewares shipment unpacking as I type....excited about getting that out to show you!

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We are heading off again very soon!

Headed off shore shortly to find you some of the latest newest, unique and unusual.  Watch out for news via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as new items will be posted for you to peruse.

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